Annual Meeting

Every summer an annual meeting of the membership of the MPLOA Inc. is held to discuss the business of the association and to elect a board of directors. The annual meeting is typically scheduled for the second Saturday in June. Announcement of date, location and time will be posted on our website and emailed to members at least 30 days prior to the meeting. 

MPLOA Inc. Membership and Voting Summary

  • Members must be an owner of a parcel with the Flindt dedication (see by-laws for legal description of plats) 
  • An owner may be an individual, a personal representative (e.g., trustee, executor), or entity such as a partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or condominium association.
  • Dues are based upon parcels, as shown by Dickinson County Assessor, Iowa, records. 
  • Owners do not have to pay dues for each parcel unless they wish to exercise the voting rights associated with each parcel’s annual membership
  • One vote is allocated to each parcel’s paid annual membership
  • Membership dues must be paid at or before the annual meeting
  • If more than one person, group of persons or entity is the record owner of a parcel, then the vote for the membership related to such parcel shall be decided among themselves, but in no event shall more than one (1) vote be cast with respect to any parcel’s paid annual membership.
  • Members may vote by proxy, but proxies must be presented in writing signed by the owner.

Annual Meeting Minutes Archive