Clean Water Partners


Okoboji Protective Association

For over 100 years, the OPA has been dedicated to preserving and enhancing the ecological health of West Okoboji Lake and the entire Great Lakes watershed.  

Our Connection: The Meneyata Park Wetland Restoration is featured on pg 12 of the Fall 2019 newsletter. Click to view newsletter. 


Clean Water Alliance

The Clean Water Alliance (CWA) is the messenger of the clean water activities to the people of Dickinson County. The CWA seeks to communicate to the public through various methods about clean water. The CWA assists the Dickinson County Water Quality Commission in its annual application process for clean water projects.

Our Connection: MPLOA Inc. received funds for shoreline and wetland restoration in 2018-2019. Click to view article.


Friends of Lakeside Lab

The Friends of Lakeside Lab would not exist without Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, one of the oldest and first biological field stations established in the United States, and the only such facility in the North American prairie pothole region. The Friends organized in 1994 as a support organization for Lakeside, and formally incorporated in 1996.

Our Connection: Lakeside Lab provided valuable expertise to our project as well as weed control and planting the first two years. A popular volunteer opportunity at Lakeside Lab is the Coffee and Grounds group. They provided labor to plant hundreds of plants at Hiawatha the summer of 2019. In addition, a summer intern volunteered their time to assist with planting and writing this press release for the Dickinson County News. Click to read press release.

Coffee & Grounds volunteers
Coffee & Grounds volunteers

Miller's Bay Conservancy

The Millers Bay Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation working to protect and improve Millers Bay's ecosystem, recreation, and fishing, through public awareness campaigns, advocacy, and events.

Our Connection:  Two of our beaches lie within Miller's Bay and we share their mission to preserve, protect and improve Miller's Bay. 


City of Wahpeton

Even though the MPLOA Inc. is responsible for maintenance for the three beach areas, the city of Wahpeton is the owner and title holder on the properties.  The city has provided support for projects that improve the beaches and they partner with us and other clean water groups to protect the water quality of Lake West Okoboji. 


Prairie Flower

A native seed and plant nursery that provide exotype native prairie and wetland plants and seeds. 

Our Connection: Prairie Flower in Fostoria, Iowa is our primary plant and seed supplier. Dwight and Bev Rutter have provided over a thousand plants  to the wetland that were dug from their prairie in Fostoria. They are always ready to share their knowledge to support the project. 


University of Minnesota Ecological Restoration Certification Training

Our Connection: In 2021 an MPLOA board member completed the Ecological Restoration Certification through the University of Minnesota Extension. Minnesota is known as a leaders in wetland restoration in the midwest.  Anyone interested in wetland and prairie restoration will find this program and the resources provided a great help to any restoration project.  A special thanks to instructor Julia Bohnen for guidance on our project - especially on ways to contain Reed Canary grass as well as overall understanding of managing a wetland project.

View certificate.