Hiawatha Beach

Hiawatha Beach is located on Lakeside Ave and overlooks Miller's Bay. It's the largest park of the three beaches we manage.  A rock wall built in the 1930's indicates the street side boundary and if you look toward the lake you'll see matching stone pillars that mark the east and west boundaries of the park. 

In the center of the lakefront is the MPLOA community dock and it can be reached via a permanent wooden walkway over the wetland area.  The community dock is available for short boat tie-ups (no overnights) and passenger pick-ups and drop-offs. With a comfortable bench, it's a great place for watching boats and sunsets on Miller's Bay as well as catching some fish. 

The other four docks on the beach are city of Wahpeton managed docks with hoist spaces available to Meneyata lot owners only. Two of the docks are defined as "non joint use" in the city ordinance governing dock use. Contact Wahpeton City Hall for information on hoist spaces available on these docks on Hiawatha Beach. The association does not own nor manage any hoist spaces. 

Aerial View 2019
Aerial View 2019

An ecological wetland restoration project began in 2019 after multiple years of flooding in the center of the park area. The walkway that traverses the wetland restoration project on Hiawatha was built in 2019 so that members could access the community dock.

Check out the native flowers and creatures living on Hiawatha.