Papoose Boat Ramp Access

The MPLOA community boat ramp is located on Papoose Beach at the intersection of Harpen Ave. and Lakeside Ave. and is for the exclusive use of Meneyata lot owners. It is managed and maintained by the Meneyata Park Lot Owner's Association Inc. (MPLOA Inc.). The ramp is perfect for small water craft like fishing boats, kayaks, canoes and PWC's. 

  • No parking is permitted at the ramp. 
  • Replace the lock and chain.
  • No power loading.
  • Report any issues on the form below or email 

Stop the spread of invasive species. Clean, Drain and Dry! Eurasian watermifoil was detected in the canals adjacent to Papoose at the end of the 2023 season. Eurasian watermilfoil is an invasive rooted aquatic plant that can spread quickly and outcompete beneficial native plants. It reproduces by fragmentation, which means small pieces of it grow into new plants and form thick beds.

MPLOA Inc. membership dues maintain this boat ramp. If you aren't currently a member, please join the association to help us keep this access open.

Ramp Access Request

For the lock combination and access to the ramp, please submit the form below and you will receive an email reply. Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

Name (Meneyata lot owner)(Required)
Papoose sign
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papoose launch